Memory is one of the most important skills to develop, for many reasons. Students will begin to retain techniques and drills. They will also begin to make smart decisions because they will remember important things that have been taught. Just watch how smart they become.


Why do we need to know our Left and Right?

• Directions
• Crossing the road

Do you know your left and right?
• Which is your Left..?
• Show me your Right..?
• Touch your left..?
• Use your Right..?

Why is it important to remember what people are wearing?
In case you need to describe a stranger to the police.

If you are in a large group of people can you recognise Mum or Dad if you cannot see their faces?
• What is your full name?
• What is your address?
• What is your telephone number?

What is a punch called in Korean?
What is a strike called in Korean?
What is a kick called in Korean?


Notes for Parents

You can help your child to improve his / her memory skills by playing the following games at home:

What’s missing? – Lay some items on the floor / table. Ask your child to look very carefully and try to remember everything that’s there. While your child has turned away remove one item. Ask your child to remember what it was. This game can be extended by removing more than one object, starting with more objects, or moving objects around instead of removing them.

Memory Trail games: Playing games such as ‘My mother went to market’ in which players are required to remember ever increasing numbers of items will stretch your childs memory and can be played in the car or in any spare moment.