White belt – Orange Belt
What is your suit called? Dobok
What is the hall you train in called? Dojang
What should you do as you enter and leave the training hall? Bow
What do you call a lady teaching you in class? Ma’am
What do you call a man teaching you in class? Sir
How do you make a fist? Squeeze the fingers in tight then fold the thumb on top
Why must the thumb be on the outside? If on the inside it will hurt
What are the three rules of focus? Focus your eyes, focus you mind, focus your body
What is your belt called? Ti
What is punch in Korean? Jirugi
What is kick in Korean? Chagi

Yellow belt and above
(plus any of the previous questions)
What country does Taekwon-do come from? Korea
What theme are we working on for this grading?
What is the name of your instructor? Mrs Tamzin Goodwin, 3rd Degree
What is the ball of the foot called in Korean? Ap kumchi
What is sitting stance in Korean? Annun sogi
What is strike in Korean? Taerigi
Show me a rising block/low block/sitting stance/fighting stance/walking stance