Focus plays a key role in the mind set of our Little Dragons. We teach how to really focus on the task at hand. We aim to develop focus in their surroundings, concentration on touch and sound, good aim, good listening skills and focusing on good techniques.


What are the 3 rules of Focus / Concentration?
1. FOCUS my eyes
2. FOCUS my mind
3. FOCUS my body
Where do we need to be focused?
• At school and at Little Dragons
• Crossing the road
• Helping around the house if near hot water etc
• Taking part in sport – either in a team or as an individual
• Cycling
• Skipping
• Taekwon-Do


 What does focus my eyes mean?
Make sure you are looking at the person who is talking watching what they do
What does focus the mind mean?
Make sure you are listening and concentrating on what you are being told
What does focus the body mean?
• Ensure you are paying attention, not messing around playing with you hair-fingers-toes etc
• Sitting or standing smartly
• Not being silly


Notes for Parents

You can help your child to improve his / her focus skills by playing the following games at home:

Ball games – Ball games help your child to focus at the same time as developing their coordination. There are a variety of ball games you can play with your child to develop focus: ie catch, rounders, piggy in the middle. Try throwing a ball to your child while calling out the technique you want them to use to strike the ball back to you. This could be a kick, a palm strike, header etc.

Balloons – Balloons are a great way to develop your child’s focus and they think its great fun! Challenge your child to keep the balloon in the air for as long as possible without it hitting the floor. Encourage your child to count how many times they can hit the balloon before it hits the floor and then challenge them to beat their own score.