Martial Arts is an ideal activity to teach every day discipline. Classes are run with fun but in a strict disciplined manner. Students will follow our role models and discipline will become the norm. Discipline also teaches children about self control, courtesy and perseverance. We will encourage them to discipline themselves in whatever they do, in training, at home and at school.

What is discipline?


  • Being polite always say please and thank you
  • Holding doors open for other people
  • Not interrupting people talking
  • Not using bad language or saying nasty things
  • Calling Instructors Sir or Ma`am
  • Brushing your teeth every morning and evening
  • Bowing when entering and leaving the Little Dragons training hall (dojang)
  • No pushing or snatching when getting things
  • Tidy away toys after playing with them
  • No kicking or punching your friends, only practice at Little Dragon’s
  • Always do what your parents or whoever is looking after you asks you to do


Being focused:


  • Listening to what you are being told
  • Looking at who is speaking or teaching you
  • Not fidgeting or playing with your belt or suit when training in Little Dragons
  • Not talking to other Little Dragons when Sir or Ma`am are talking
  • Being on level 10

Notes for parents

You can help your child to improve his / her discipline skills by playing the following drill at home:

Number 10’s – In class your Little Dragon. will learn that all effort and behaviour can be rated on a scale of 1-10 (1 being no effort and bad behaviour, 10 being black belt effort and behaviour). You can reinforce this at home by asking your child to rate his/herself at any tasks they are asked to do / the effort they put in at school etc.