Good co-ordination will be learnt through our drills and games. Students will learn right and left, as well as improving their motor skills.


What is Co-ordination?
Your mind telling your body what to do – and your body doing it correctly.
Why do we need to know left and right?
Examples: For our safety, for directions, to be able to find things.

Give an example of Co-ordination
Examples: Catch a ball, walking on pads, kicking pads or a target, kicking a ball, flying pads, dodge ball


Notes for parents

You can help your child to improve his / her coordination and motor skills by playing the following games at home:

Ball games – All ball games will help to improve your child’s hand / eye coordination. Start with simple games such as ‘catch’ and ‘piggy in the middle’. Challenge your child by increasing the distance the ball is thrown, or introducing a bat or racket.

Balance – Encourage your child to try balancing things on his / her head such as bean bags, toys etc. They could also try balancing these items on their hands or feet. Challenge your child to drop a beanbag from their hands and catch it on their foot. Can they kick it back up and catch it in their hands?

Left and right – Encourage your child to learn their left and right. This can be brought into everyday life. While driving in your car, ask your child which direction you are turning. Ask your child to do things specifically with their left or right hand / foot.

Balloons – Balloons are a great way to develop your child’s coordination and they think its great fun! Challenge your child to keep the balloon in the air for as long as possible without it hitting the floor. Encourage your child to count how many times they can hit the balloon before it hits the floor and then challenge them to beat their own score.