Balance is an important skill in the proper development of our Little Dragons kicks. Having good balance also leads to better posture which will make our students appear more confident.


Theory Question: What is balance?


You balancing on something: following the lines in the training hall, standing on one leg, standing on a pad.


A balance in life: not eating chocolate for every meal, eat fruit as well as sweets, going to school as well as playing games.


Balancing something on you: putting a bean bag on your head, a ball on your hand.


Other types of balance: egg and spoon, being on a see-saw, riding a bike / scooter, bouncing on a pogo stick / hopper, having an equal number in a team game.


Notes for parents

You can help your child to improve his / her balance skills by playing the following games at home:

Balancing on lines / across stepping stones – challenge your child to balance along any lines you come across during the day. These might be found on the street (watch out for the road!), in the home, or in the playground. Hopping from one spot to another also helps balance. Pretend paving slabs are stepping stones across a shark infested swamp!

Stork – Encourage your child to pretend to be a stork and stand on one leg. Challenge your child to do this with his / her eyes shut. Can your child write their name in the air with their foot while standing on one leg?

Beanbags – Challenge your child to balance a beanbag (or a bag of peanuts) on his / her head. Encourage them to see how fast they can go without it falling off. Can they turn around / touch the ground / jump?