Please note that the syllabus is accumulative and therefore, Little Dragons should be able to perform any of the syllabus from previous grades as well as the syllabus for their current grade.


Little Dragon- White Belt

Sitting stance single punches x 10
Guarding stance front kicks on the spot x 10 each side
Press ups x 5

Little Dragon – Purple Belt

Guarding stance double punch x 10 each side
Front rising kicks x 5 each side
Press ups x 10

Little Dragon – Orange Belt

Front Rising Kicks x 10 each side
Guarding stance double palm strikes x 10 each side
Front snap kicks to pad

Little Dragon- Yellow Belt

Sitting stance double punches x 10
Guarding stance front kick double punch x 10 each side

Little Dragon – Green Belt

Guarding Stance double front kick x 10 each side
Four corner block 1-2 on spot

Little Dragon – Blue Belt

Guarding stance jumping front kick x 10 each side
Four corner block 1-4 on spot

Little Dragon – Red Belt

Guarding Stance front kick stepping forwards
Four corner block 1-8 on spot

Little Dragon – Brown Belt

Little Dragon drill
Walking stance front punch coming forwards and backwards

Little Dragon – Black Belt

Walking stance low block forwards and backwards
Walking stance rising block forwards and backwards