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Annual Christmas Awards

Congratulations to all the winners of trophies at the annual awards night and Christmas Party 2014. It was a great night and thanks everyone for a great year!


Christmas Taekwon-do AwardsSpirit of Taekwon-do – Lucy S

Taekwon-do Student of the Year – Suzi S

Runner up TKD Student of the Year – Ben P

Competitor of the Year – Michael S

Little P.U.M.A. of the Year – Danielle H

Runner up Little P.U.M.A. – Alfie T

Kickboxing Student of the Year – Nicola H

Runner up KB Student of the Year – Tom H

Coloured belt grading 13th July 2014

Once again we had a very successful grading, held in Torquay under grading examiner Mr Rob Tettmar 6th Degree. We had a large contingent grading from South Brent this time and everyone did brilliantly and we even came away with a very rare occurrence – a Distinction pass given by Mr Tettmar to Greg Jackson – Well done Greg!


Coloured Belt GradingOliver: 4th kup blue belt

Iwan: 4th Kup blue belt

Lucy S: 8th kup yellow belt

Greg: 9th kup yellow stripe with DISTINCTION

Mark: 9th kup yellow stripe with CREDIT

Jack: 9th kup yellow stripe

Lucy AM: PUMA Grade 2 orange stripe with CREDIT

Suzi: PUMA Grade 2 orange stripe

Bradley: PUMA Grade 2 orange stripe

Owen: PUMA Grade 1 purple stripe

Lucy G: PUMA Grade 1 purple stripe

Little P.U.M.A. Gradings July 2014

Little PUMA GradingsCongratulations to all the Little P.U.M.A.s  who passed their recent gradings! Once again it was noted by the grading examiner Mr Bedborough 5th Degree that the standard was excellent

Coloured belt grading 26th January 2014

Congratulations to the Taekwon-do students from South Brent who successfuly passed their grading in January. The standard was high as usual and grading examiner, Mr Tettmar, 6th degree was very impressed.


Michael: 5th kup blue stripe with CREDIT

Oliver: 5th kup blue stripe

Ben: 6th kup green belt

Also congratulations to all the little PUMA’s who successfully passed their gradings with an excellent standard throughout. Well done!

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