The Little Dragons programme is a revolutionary way of teaching 4-7 year olds, using martial arts as a training platform. It has been designed to stimulate and engage the children, helping them to learn whilst having FUN!

I guarantee you that Little Dragons is fun for your little ones as well as educational. By coming along you will take the first step in giving your child that chance to supplement their education, and teach them many valuable life skills. Our class numbers, unlike others, are limited to ensure quality learning and instruction.

During their time with us, we focus on different learning themes, such as

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Concentration & Focus
  • Dealing with Strangers
  • Team work
  • Emergency Skills etc
  • Discipline

There are 9 different coloured belts to collect, which will be given out on assessment days, starting from white belt and culminating in the Little Dragon Black Belt. These awards will help to keep your child motivated, and help to improve their confidence and self esteem.

As well as the above themes, your child will also be learning about discipline, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, indomitable spirit, self-control and much more. They will be training their mind, as well as their body, encouraging them to grow into active and healthy youngsters. Once children become seven they then are promoted up to our junior Taekwon-Do classes, where they will then start more specific training towards a Black Belt in Taekwon-Do.

This Little Dragons session is full of value, and is a must for children in today’s society. Give them the best start in life and enrol now.

Why our Little Dragons Classes are so special

The Instructors

  • Our Instructors are trained so that they are fully knowledgeable of the Little Dragons specially designed syllabus.
  • They are trained in Child Safeguarding.
  • They are risk checked with the Criminal Records Bureau.
  • They are First Aid trained.
  • They are trained in Martial Arts.
  • They are insured to teach Martial Arts.
  • They are chosen to teach this age group because of their background, their kind nature and their fun loving personality.
  • Some may have extra skills suited to this role, such as being trained in child specific fitness, qualified primary teacher and/or parent etc.

The Class

  • Size numbers are important to us, our class numbers are kept small for quality of learning and individuals confidence. Usually 8-12 in one class depending on room size and quantity of instructors.
  • Children are taught bite size martial arts in a fun environment
  • All our games & martial art skills are based upon themes that are programmed to teach Focus, Balance, Coordination, the importance of Teamwork, Discipline & Fitness, Emergency Skills, Concentration & Memory Skills.
  • Students are taught serious life skills as well as how to avoid conflict, how to do deal with bullies and strangers.
  • Parents stay in the class, to watch their child and instructors in action. We do not have a closed door policy. Beware of any club that does!

The Achievements

  • Assessments are held regularly, FREE OF CHARGE, where students gain different coloured belts and can gain a Little Dragon Black Belt, based on the themes as above.
  • Students can also enter competitions, and take part in demonstrations throughout the year.
  • Awards are presented at an annual award ceremony for top students in different areas.
  • Finally the individual achievements are impressive, just ask any of our existing students parents or teachers, and they will soon tell you about increased confidence, better school focus, winning teamwork in other sports, students who have dealt with bullying, increased perseverance and commitment to activities and tasks.